When a bunch of cells make an animal, that’s fractals. When a bunch of buildings make a village, that’s fractals. And when a bunch of people make an organisation…

… that depends on the organisation.

There are plenty of examples for decentalised organisations that DAOs can draw from:

They all have something in common: they rely on individuals to make the changes to decentralisation.

Meaning the next step to decentralisation happens with you.

If you’re trying to make an organisation decentralised by starting at the top, you’re depending on hierarchy.

If you’re trying to do anything organisation-wide, you’re depending on centralisations.

Decentralisation starts with individuals and small teams, then it spreads.

It’s fractal. A decentralised organisation will take shape based on what the smaller parts do.

So the way forward for you is simple: start acting like a decentralised fractal, and help those around you too.

It’s usually just a matter of changing the right work habits, and having a little support.

That’s what this site is for. Pick a few habits that make sense to you, and share the those habits with the people you work with, and start.

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