Mindsets applied:

Small squads self-direct easily.

MakerDAO, Yearn, Synthetix have all seen some form of squads or working groups emerge. And a number of DAOs are now generating SubDAOs to manage specific resources.

The underlying reason is the same: smaller groups coordinate better and are more likely to get results.

The Curve Labs team explain how this is part of a bigger shift that DAOs are leading:

From the top-down, today’s DAO treasuries should distribute ownership — a.k.a. generously fund — many subsidiaries, while from the bottom-up, individual worker-owners should collectivize into effective working groups — squads, if you will. … with squads being both internal and independent entities that exist within and between DAOs.

So the DAOs that get things done are letting go of centralised power, allowing the individual squads to act independently, in many cases no longer reporting to or exclusively serving the host DAO.

Some common practices

Practices: Which DAO practices are decentralising coordination?

Accordance Dialogues

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Check Ins

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Gated collaboration

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Small squads, aligned

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Weekly Priorities Workshop

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